Edmund A Stanley Jr. Heroic Future Initiative

Special Fall 2019 Grants

Solar United Neighbors / Climate Access Fund / Civic Works / Earthjustice / Montgomery County Green Bank / Institute for Energy and Environmental Research


The Solar Democracy and Equity Collaborative’s work will focus on aligning policies, regulations, and practice to support and enhance decentralized and equitable solar power generation in Maryland.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance / Future Harvest CASA / Chesapeake Bay Foundation / Waterkeepers Chesapeake / Institute for Energy and Environmental Research


The goal of the Million Acre Challenge – Healthy Soils for Maryland’s Future 3-year project is to build the vocal and sustained farmer- and consumer-driven movement necessary to transform Maryland agriculture into a regenerative system that improves water quality and farm resilience, is profitable, and helps mitigate climate change.

Georgetown Climate Center / Georgetown University


The goal of the Maryland Clean Transportation Leadership project is to have a fully functioning regional cap-and-invest program covering carbon emissions from the transportation sector in operation as soon as possible.

Environmental Integrity Project / Chesapeake Climate Action Network


The goal of the Maryland Methane Project is to bend the trajectory of GHG emissions from large methane sources—specifically the natural gas sector and MSW landfills—in the state over the next five years, thereby increasing the likelihood that Maryland will be successful in achieving its GHG reduction targets.

Chesapeake Legal Alliance / Center for Progressive Reform / Environmental Action Center / Environmental Integrity Project / NWF (Choose Clean Water Coalition) / Chesapeake Bay Foundation


The Chesapeake Accountability Project’s (CAP) Enforcement Campaign will, through a multi-year coordinated campaign, significantly reduce Bay pollution attributable to weak permitting and lack of enforcement, which by one estimate, could represent as much as 4.6 million pounds of nitrogen pollution. Their work will result in significant, measurable improvements to local and downstream water quality as well as states’ permitting programs.

Assateague Coastal Trust / Center for Progressive Reform / Environmental Action Center / Environmental Integrity Project / Waterkeepers Chesapeake


Enforcement, Engagement, and Empowerment for Change on the Eastern Shore project will substantially reduce nutrient pollution on Maryland’s Eastern Shore over the next five years by implementing a coordinated enforcement and community engagement campaign. In addition to accelerating the pace of pollution reductions necessary to meet Chesapeake Bay restoration goals, will also catalyze a long term transformation on the Lower Eastern Shore that promotes the interests of local communities and sustainable farming over that of the poultry industry.