Climate Change Advocated By a Childhood Classic

The 90s were a FANTASTIC time to grow up.  I mean where do I even begin?  The music was pure poetry.  Songs like MMMBop and Tearin’ Up My Heartgenius.  And Nickelodeon just had ever great childhood show you could think of:  Doug, Hey Arnold, All That (but for the sake of time and brevity I will stop my list while I’m ahead).

And when you weren’t hooked on the cartoons and sketch shows of Nickelodeon, you may have found yourself being educated by Bill Nye the Science Guy and his theme song that never failed to get stuck in your head.

But sadly the 90s have come and gone and the children of the early 90s are affronted with the real world and the fond memories and the classic shows of their childhood.  Unless of course, you were lucky enough like me to see the article and supplementary video of Bill Nye (the Science Guy – because who can really only just say his full name?) donning his wardrobe staple: the bow tie, on CNN speaking out on climate change.

While his segment and input on climate change was not preceded by the iconic theme song, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) was still geared at educating the public, albeit a slightly older audience.

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) put it best when he said “..the two sides aren’t equal here.”  The media is trying to portray both sides of the story when the facts of one side deserve significantly more weight and attention than the other.  Nye went on to say, “You have tens of thousands of scientists who are very concerned and you have a few people who are in business of equating or drawing attention to the idea that uncertainty is the same as doubt. When you have a plus or minus percentage, that’s not the same thing as not believing the whole thing at all.”

Climate change is a serious issue and the media’s portrayal of it to the American public should reflect that.  While, climate change remains a seriously heated topic, maybe Bill Nye (the Science Guy) will resonate with the generation he educated throughout their childhood.  Maybe this will start the conversation in a positive (well as positive as you can get) direction.  Because as Bill Nye (the Science Guy) put it, “[t]here are a couple of things that you can’t really dispute…[s]ixteen of the last 17 years have been the hottest years on record. That’s just how it is.”

For those who want to reminisce or see what they missed out on growing up here is one of many educational lessons taught by Bill Nye the Science Guy (I tried my best to find one on climate, but searched to no avail, so one on atmosphere will have to do).

Have a safe and happy 4th!