Coal Punishes More Than Just The Bad Kids

Our world is transitioning into the realm of the “new normal” of extreme storms.  Ice is melting and sea levels are rising far more rapidly than originally predicted by scientists.  As we continue down the slippery slope of non-renewable energy resources and impending climate change, why in the world does Santa still deliver coal to the kids who have been bad?

For a man who flies around the world in one night bringing joy to kids everywhere, you would think Santa would look out for future generations of children and cease punishing kids with coal.   Perhaps those that were on the naughty list could receive something like fruit or episodes of public embarrassment from their parents?

With a world population of almost 7 billion people, that is a lot of naughty kids receiving coal every year.  But instead of punishing those on the naughty list, Santa is punishing himself, and every other child on the planet, considering coal is one of the many non-renewable resources contributing to climate change.

Get it together Santa or instead of a sleigh you will need a flotation devise and some swimmies for your 9 reindeer.